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About Health Kinesiology

Health Kinesiology does not focus on addressing the symptoms of ill-health but works at a deeper level in the body. Health Kinesiology is also extremely useful in helping to overcome irritations to the energy system of the body from substances with which they are not compatible. I practise interesting and effective techniques, which can address these imbalances through improving the energy level of the individual to enable them to tolerate these substances in a natural way.

Health Kinesiology does not offer standardised healing responses to particular ailments, it is a holistic response tailored to the individual's needs. It offers a complete realignment of your life enabling you to concentrate on the things which are most important to you. I have been asked a number of times whether a client needs to have a prior belief in HK in order for the practitioner's work to be effective. This is not necessary for a successful outcome.

Imagine the body monitoring its systems to create balance i.e. everything working in harmony to optimum effect. Then the individual experiences trauma, for example loss of a job. This may cause feelings of stress and loneliness. Health Kinesiology would identify these feelings and work on the difficulties presented.

Firstly, during a session the client's energy system is balanced through work on their energy pathways known as meridians. I can then find out the problems which weaken their balanced system. In order to address this the practitioner may use tools such as essences, magnets, light, sound, colour or essential oils. In addition acupressure points are held with a light touch to enable the client's energy to retune. This sets in train a recovery process because the body is now unhindered by the identified blockages in the energy system.

From my own experience I know that Health Kinesiology (H.K.) is something special. H.K. Has much to offer anyone with health challenges or for those who seek support for everyday living and health maintenance. Health Kinesiology offers a fascinating rebalancing process which once experienced leaves you in no doubt regarding its positive health benefits.

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