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Introduction to NewYou - Health Kinesiology

Celia Crossley KFRP, B. Ed. Dip. Ed. Special Needs

I welcome you to a completely different approach to health difficulties called Health Kinesiology.

My Practice, New You, offers you Health Kinesiology which restores balance and harmony in both mind and body. I am based near Malton, North Yorkshire and my Practice is in the lovely countryside, accessible by car. For directions see the Find Me page.

A number of years ago I experienced Health Kinesiology myself and found it to be accurate, effective and relaxing. A radical improvement of my personal health was apparent very quickly and I was determined to find out more about the techniques involved. This interest led me to study and understand the skills of Health Kinesiology.

Following several years of training, I am a qualified practitioner in Health Kinesiology and am able to offer to others the same kind of help from which I gained such benefits.

My clients have reported significant improvements in their over-all health and well being. Clients who have experienced Health Kinesiology talk of burdens which have plagued them for years being lifted and a sense of balance and harmony established.

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