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Links to other useful resources on the web

There are a number of different websites around with useful information regarding health and general well being.

I have compiled a list of some of those I would recommend below:

Kinesiology Links

Kinesiology Federation - The Kinesiology Federation's offical website

Subtle Energy - Founder Jimmy Scott's Official Website

HK4Health - Various information regarding Health Kinesiology

Other Links

Health and Goodness - Information, inspiration and healthy living products

test4allergies.co.uk - Information on how to test for allergies

actionagainstallergy.co.uk - Action Against Allergy

silenciomusic.co.uk - Silencio Music

Recommended Reading

Health Kinesiology by Jane Thurnell Read

Energy Missmatch by Jane Thurnell Read

The New Optimum Nutrition Bible by Patrick Holford

A Revolutionary Way of Thinking by Charles Krebbs