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"I was really struggling with low energy and feeling generally rubbish due to many years of IBS and associated symptoms such as bloating and cramps and some foods not agreeing with me. I had taken up running and was really struggling to go for a run due to my inability to know what to eat, not eating and not eating very well and low energy levels. I tried to work out what foods I could and couldn't eat but I just got overwhelmed with it, and due to this it put me in a pretty low state of mind. I have suffered with IBS at various points in my life, and it got progressively worse due to some stressful events in my life.

After the Health Kinesiology sessions I certainly did have an improvement! I couldn't quite get my head around how a little 'arm movement' could have such an impact on my health (and mind) and deliver results! I had tried all sorts of ways to self help, books, diet, tablets, doctors and I went into the sessions open minded, as an avid fan of alternative therapies, it felt the right treatment for me to look at. Celia was able to discover so many foods that I was intolerant to, some that I had no clue about. This was quite enlightening and helpful as you can imagine. The three or four day “hangover” from one glass on wine was actually due to a reaction to grapes – I now don't drink wine or eat grapes. Celia was amazing and was able to guide me with portion sizes of foods which my body was intolerant to, also so that I didn't make myself unwell. In essence I thought I was being healthy eating lots of salads etc. but I found that the many foods that make up this meal actually caused me a lot of trouble. Not only was I helped with food issues, Celia was able to tap into some emotional issues that I had no idea were causing me issues – things like family relationships, confidence and self esteem issues, even support with helping me get over my phobia of using the telephone. In addition I have suffered from severe hay fever for years, (seven, I am now 38) but this summer I barely suffered a day with a sneeze, which felt amazing after so many years of being debilitated by the condition. I have no clue how she knew what she did, but it helped massively. I feel so much 'lighter' for the emotional feelings that were obviously hidden deep within me being acknowledged and released.

I would absolutely recommend Health Kinesiology as a therapy with Celia. As I have already mentioned I went in with an open mind which I think is important. It is non invasive, relaxing, eye opening, results orientated. Celia always had a plan of action about what she would be working on. She was always willing to answer my questions and provide information on email. She 100% listened to me moaning on and was able to use this information towards each session. Every session had a purpose and although everyone will have different results depending on their needs, I believe there will be a marked improvement following the sessions. I had seven in the end due to what Celia had to cover, I think I left her exhausted after each session due her putting so much energy into supporting healing and helping in the time we were together. I know that if any of my family had any issues, Celia will be my first port of call. I can't thank Celia enough for the time, care and attention she paid and to the difference she has made to how I deal with food. Due to the sessions I am so much more informed about what is a good and bad food choice for me."

- Angela.

"I came to you with an open mind, but the little I knew of (Health) Kinesiology hadn't prepared me for what you do, it has really taken me by surprise.

I mainly expected simple muscle testing and away with a list of foods to avoid for a long time, maybe life.

I'm delighted and looking forward to the energy work."

- M.D.

"I came across Health Kinesiology whilst I was recovering from "----------------------"*.Celia helped me overcome burdens I had carried for over 20 years, now my life has been completely transformed. Celia is able to do this in such a way that although you, the client, know what is being addressed, Celia only has a vague idea. I did not need to enlighten her to some of the more sensitive areas she touched on.

I also had trouble with "----------------------"*. Celia was able to highlight various food intolerances (some of which I had already suspected) but more importantly perform corrections for them and tell me my new tolerance level. This really did improve my quality of life!

I have consulted with Celia several times with amazing results, would have no hesitation in seeking her expertise again and would certainly recommend her. If you are thinking about trying this - do!"

- L.B.

* The condition has been left out due to A.S.A. Regulations.

"I have received a number of Health Kinesiology sessions from Celia to address long standing problems of carbohydrate intolerance and to secure improvement for a range of related health issues.

Having no previous experience of Health Kinesiology, I was uncertain about the benefits which I might expect. The real results of treatment have however been both positive and impressive. Relief from problems including acute fatigue have been supplemented by greater insight into the needs of my body and the ability to achieve balance.

I can wholly recommend Health Kinesiology and commend Celia as a practitioner with a rare combination of knowledge, skill and empathy."

- C.A.C.

"I had a course of Health Kinesiology from Mrs Crossley and it really helped me to address issues from my past and present.

I found her very good and was left feeling really uplifted and able to address my issues.

I have experienced other therapies but found Health Kinesiology to be more effective and I would recommend it to my friends."

- L.C.

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