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During a session You can expect...

A professional approach combining complete confidentiality, trust and the opportunity to regain equilibrium. During the first session a case history will be taken which will give you the opportunity to talk about your past and present health concerns. You will then lie on a couch, fully clothed to enable the technique of 'muscle testing' to take place. This is a painless procedure which uses responses from a muscle to ascertain major or minor health issues. As a result you may be asked to think a certain word, phrase or sentence whilst acupressure points are held. A variety of techniques are used including for example the use of magnets, essences or essential oils, all techniques are non-invasive and pain free.

The number of sessions an individual would benefit from varies from person to person depending on their concerns. During the first appointment I would ascertain how many sessions it would take to make a beneficial impact and discuss this with the client.

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